***Non Plus Ultra by Vox Anon 2016

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Non Plus Ultra by Vox Anon

NEW/RECENT POETICKS from 2013-2015 Coming Soon.


I was a mirror a shadow a steeple a pet. The very least of all souls saints & sheep i am. Your humble author a pew Gargoyle a Bed Ridden Nightmarehorse. The Great Physician in whom i trust; Christ Jesus My own Grand Inquisitor & You my dear Ecclesiolator.

Baseness of the highest order pious torment mystickal magickal tragickal beyond evil love opiate piety pain beauty joy death & hell follows. Unfinished suicide notes to the Beloved & the Ideal. Preperfection Incompletion & Hope distilled crushed glamorized bloodlettings romanticized winepressings inspired by the rib that is Woman & Womb are not safe anymore. G-d is beauty love & glory. There is no global standard for cute pretty or beautiful. Imperfection for now alas someday we will see Jesus & be like Jesus. My body is broken my spirit my soul it hurts. Humans Family Friends Fail only  He is good.

Seeking to surprise hide & illuminate. Speaking of conversions not only the un & dechurched. Childhood Choirs bedtime. The time of Rhyming epic battles slaying dragons & damsels guarded empowered Eden strong has come. In Olden songs & lore. Superheroes are Antichrists nothing more. One must see. Of mustard seed of Zion of the pit the hole the Hells the caves the mire. Come run your tarantulas up & down the spine of these destroyed refrains. Unwoven fingers from heavenly tresses. Rest assured.

The good the rich the pretty & the venerated He did not come to save. The sick the sinner the wretched the poor the wounded the weak the orphan the widower & the impure. I AM THAT I AM he SAVES whom he will SAVE according to His goodness & grace. The Remnant. Why so serious? Word plays & juxtapositionings just an exorcise in demons trating a gift a curse an art. an art form really? Once upon a time the 5 main Fine Arts were Painting Sculpture Architecture Music & Poetry. 

Let your fingertips intimate names now blots connect the dots on this wedding feast wilderness banquet your pupils dilate the butterflies you ate are slugs & snails are stars & saints. The mad crazy sin things love makes one do; lie cheat steal & kill. Against only You have we sinned!?! Bastards & dogs.

Women & children first they say. Here be monsters they say. The Great Satan America no Cult of Individualism yes. Vulture of nothing new under the sun. Whore of Babylon & Virgin Bride seeking the bridegroom. Where have i gone when am i going. Fear not! Only bad poetry & a papercut ya. Enter if you dare; the Non Plus Ultra. For your joy &/or horror.

Vox Anon

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