01/30/13 Men in the Company of Women VOLCANIC LAUNCH!


launching january 30th for readers of all origins, persuasions, addons/substructions, & those flinching blinking squinting averting your eyes as to what might answer once in for all cupid to psyche/venus to mars/romeo of juliets in poetick form. 3 juicy poems of mine appear in this thick tome. Men in the Company of Woman from publishing house Edgar & Lenore’s avail @ amazon dot com jan 3oth. aka Vox Anon for over a decade says please buy it steal it inject it eat it burn it ban it asap,,,Enjoy Enlove Ensoul Vox Anon <3

MICOP: JANUARY 30th WE SPY THOSE WHO SPY Beauty in the form a of Woman.


Very Exited for This Book,,,Please share ny joy & check it out. talk about it. buy it. ty~

“Nod is Ney Princesses”, “Bow Chica Wow Wow”, and “Woman Is Not a Flower


3 Vox Anon poems included in upcoming “Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House Presents: Men in the Company of Women”

“A Provocative Men’s Anthology of Praise and Persuasion to be found in “Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House Presents: Men in the Company of Women”.

“Nod is Ney Princesses”, “Bow Chica Wow Wow”, and “Woman Is Not a Flower” will be included in a followup anthology In The Company of Woman both books curated/collected/edited by the fine minds of Apryl Skies & Alicia Winski look forward to your support, readership, and reviews.

It is with extreme gratitude, humility, honor, & privilege to address this ageless subject in the fine company of passionate writers. Tell a Friend. Word of mouth is the wildfire that kindles sparkes ignites a heart to seek to outshine the sun. G-d Bless the women and girls in my life future past present.

Let History Show that women are more than just the to be beheld or the subject, object ,helpmate, And/or muse to Another. Women are blessed, gifted, talented, disciplined, queens, cooks, dreamers, doers, thinkers, photographers, nude models, painters, artists, directors, video gamers, musicians, librarians, poets, actresses, athletes, teachers, doctors, astronauts, mothers, wives…oops eye candy :O

all esteem all respect all thanks Vox Anon

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G-d i mean dog days of summer 🙂 waiting on a few reviews of my recent book. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/voxanon

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life is small. i am a son brother & uncle of 8 kids. i have 12 meds. on my back like an insect or a big broken toy. painkillers make my nosebleeds. i FB & EMAIL in the morning. walk my pup Wolfli. make a fruit/veg smoothie. get to Drs. get Meds. get Wolfli to the Park. read/write/collage/Art on the Computer since i have degrees & awards in arts. i get Groceries target/walmart/shoprite. i do AMAZON. Gamestop. Xbox at night with some good peeps. take Meds. read. Sleep sleep sleep. REPEAT.

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