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Summer 2012Love, Death, & Bubblebum!


“Written poetry is worth reading once, & then should be destroyed. Let the dead poets make way for others. Then we might even come to see that it is our veneration for what has already been created, however beautiful and valid it may be, that petrifies us.” Antonin Artaud

Vox Anon presents:’Super Cutey’

A faceless nameless double helix twisting text in real time, poems metaphysically sound & disposably sublime. For your delight &/or horror take a piece. Chew on it. Blow it up. Blow it out. Spit it out. Take a another piece.

‘Super Cutey’ is collection of sugary sweet visions, dreams, peek a boos, & taboos. Unlike modern or traditional poetry that relies on rhymes & sentiments to convey human emotions, Vox compels the reader to read aloud or to yourself & reread each poem until it streams beginningless over itself. The temptation to judge once & cast aside each poem as meaningless &/or having only meaning to an intended reader other than YOU; yes, you. Poems read from author to author or a lover to lover & we are vouyers looking in on the mind. A synapse fires. A connection is fresh, flexed, & flavorful is made. Forged & forgettable like bubblegum. His poems invite participation a pause & replay rewind sometimes solitary to triple redundancy.

The ideal reader might enjoy die gestalt or the rorschach test of what the poem might mean or might be. Each poem feels like a secret being read from the diary of someone too young to feel to write to know one damn thing about love but playing. Super Cutey reminds us that sugar is a strong a drug as any & it helps us enhance or escape of reality. The ideal is an imagined state of joy, ecstasy, & voluptuousness where sex, death, & religion have no time. Anon uses erotic imagery to illuminate the innocence, purity, & the ideal of naïveté.

Women are Vox Anon’s main source of inspiration & symbolism. He addresses the female starting with a girl, the first kiss, to ideal beauty, through fertility goddesses, the magna mater, & eve/mary types. As ribs of equity, in beds, &/or on pedestals. They are forces of nature, dual identities, twins, intensify your pain or pleasure. Anon does not point the finger at his companion in the gardens of life. If anything the She/Her/You he often addresses like a Beatrice or Laura is to be esteemed proper in the realm of arts & all creative disciplines. The rights of women around the world should be preserved, protected, & promoted; empowering/encouraging an equity of more than just the XX chromosomes.

Poet & Progenitor of nothing & no one, Vox Anon’s isolates the reader & makes them feel alienated from what/who they know of poetry in an attempt to redefine redux a syntaxless streaming structure. Vox Anon (an anonymous voice) as opposed to the Vox Populi (voice of the masses); composes his poems from dreams, notes, & sketches redrawn overwritten almost to ruin. Then from paper transcribed to digital notepad to book in vertical form no narrative intended. Antonin Artaud, Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, & Vincent Price are a few gents that influenced the composings of this brain candy collection. Vertical transcription of no latin origin or western tradition no manifesto or expectation might be greater than hoping poetry into existence from diaries, dreams, & word/sound experiments. The cover image is a an attempt to capture the moment before the big bang of bubblegum blows, pops, explodes, & deflates. A twisting of tongue An open mouth kiss. A returning of the soul back to the body the source again for another attempt at extension/exspansion. Never fully able to disembody or denounce one’s self; the book is a tome of love. Fresh as young yet defiant of youth. If you like surprises you will like these poems. If you like to feel scared you will like this book. If you suspend disbelief for this summery read in bed or on the beach you might become the author Vox Anon.

Finally, ‘Super Cutey’ is harmless self destructive words & disposable herds unfollowing Vox Anon getting smaller on a global/cosmic level. A fear of hope, of being known, of being touched leading to an explosion/implosion of self soul. Rehearsing the big bang & recalibrating for a heart attack. Regurgitating the nothing new under the sunness of poetry. If everything has been said/done before, than can we naively enjoy a fresh exchange or expansion of grey matter between us. Between Author & reader from lover to lover anatomically correct spell checked check mated. A hot & sticky 74+ poems to breeze through & pass around, a book to rest your drink on. Get wet & whet. Read & Reread Super Cutey by Vox Anon.

Thank You in advance for daring to unblink unflinch unsquint at these almighty pink poems. Salute.

Vox Anon Summer 2012
Super Cutey or Poems of Naïveté & Inexperience
Binding: Perfect
Interior: Blood/or InK
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Pages: 174 pages
Poems: 74+ poems
Price: $12.99
Publisher: lulu/Amazon
Author: Vox Anon
Title: Super Cutey
Release: Summer 2012
Rated: Unfit to Read OR tEEn/M
Target Audience: Small Animals & Medieval Illiterati
Banned, Burned, Seized, & Censored: burn or learn to keep warm
Vox Anon Presents: “Super Cutey” 3rd in The Hard Candy Trilogy:
1.Pretty Scary 2.Kissy Killy 3.Super Cutey

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