Beware of G-d


G-d loves those He created in His image & those he seeks will be made his children. You landed on this site & i am after crashing killing a few hard drives full of art imagery & poems am on my way back with new content. Right this moment am moving into a new style & space to work in. bare with me. So i am working on some artworks, photogs, & collages for the summer with a few bad poems here & there. Keeping a dream diary & nightmare notebook to compose from in October. Currently am working on a short story entitled ” The Last Bogeyman” by Vox Anon with hopes to have a few handmade dolls to sell on ETSY supporting this creative exploit, stay tuned. derp Thanks! until then find me on facebook or google¬† the unicorn man see if ya find vox anon aka the unicorn man to connect,,,on several socia media….alas it is summer¬† you go be fun & creative! chow….

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