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Super Cutey

the “unblack” cover

“i is Another” by Ray Dunkle

Vox Anon’s third collection of poetry, “Super Cutey”, deals primarily with a concept that occupied Eliot’s mind when he wrote the “Waste Land”; not only the observation that the world is in ruins but also that these ruins should be used to reconstruct specific aspects of the civilisation. Whereas Eliot put forth a rather ambitious full-scale reconstruction in terms of poetry Vox Anon seems to be either a bit more pessimistic in this task or haunted by the realisation that this world can be restored only partially. These cultural ruins encompass not only the Classics they also reach to the regions of Pop Art and Post-Modernism. It is not irrelevant that one of the questions raised in this book is “who is speaking?” The poems interchange the voice of the poet with the voice of a persona and the voice of a voice of a voice… These are echoes, scattered reflections of the world that cannot force its own density and continuity but has enough strength to impose its demands to the poet and to Rimbeaudean “I is another”.

One of the characteristic images that appear with some frequency is that of a unicorn. Vox Anon is fascinated with the possibility of the existence of a being if it is described with ink. Agreed description is not existence or a factual truth but in any case it is a poetical truth which is by far stronger. This is the reason why dead persons such as Kierkegaard or Artaud appear also in the pages. Vox Anon wants to make sure that they are alive, if only for a moment and in the narrow space a poem allows.

Maybe the key idea of the whole collection is love. The poet tries to establish a romantic concept of love in a world that finds even cynicism to be a luxury. In other words, in a world where pettiness wins there’s the public’s demand for realism pushed to its boundaries. Vox Anon sternly rejects such a notion;

“i have sacrificed my name
to the ocean of stars
to sand in my eyes
i became one with myself”
(“Die Before You Die”)

Not accidentally Rumi is mentioned in this poem as a mantra. This partial reconstruction of the world demands a certain level of idealisation, which will be the building material. For the poet these materials are mainly the rumours and the images of the past.

This is a rich, adventurous take of a free, super-imaginative mind, left pondering life and its many stripes and colours, directions without barriers and restrains, asking of it what is possible. Foremostly, this is an authentic writing. A stream of consciousness, an automatic writing of the submerged objects within psyche -call it what you will but it won’t be one thing: boring.

Ray Dunkle

SuCu coming July 12, 2012

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Poems of Naïveté & Inexperience or Super Cutey

Binding: Perfect

Interior: Black Ink

Dimensions: 6 x 9

Pages: 174 pages

Poems: 74 poems

Price: $12.99

Publisher: lulu/Amazon

Author: Vox Anon

Title: Super Cutey

Release: 07/12/12

Rated: Unfit to Read OR tEEn/M

Target Audience: Small Animals & Medieval Illiterati

Banned, Burned, Seized, & Censored: Burn/Learn to keep warm


Poems of Naïveté & Inexperience…

Vox Anon Presents: “Super Cutey” 3rd

in The Hard Candy Trilogy

1.Pretty Scary

2.Kissy Killy

3.Super Cutey



1. Godzillaless

2. Lower Case G

3. Marrowless & Wineless

4. X-Ray Harryhausen

5. To End All Poems

6. Of Dead Feathers

7. My Joy

8. G-d is Not a Dj

9. Antiblasphemy Laws

10. No Sympathy for the Devil

11. The Butcher’s Daughter

12. Little Black Dress

13. Self Taught

14. Two Headed Phoenix

15. Etymology of Apple

16. Kinder-Fresser

17. Her Daddy Longlegs

18. Like a Suicide

19. Are We Still Married

20. Love from the Asylum

21. Avant Kierkegaard

22. My Wrists Smile

23. Whipped Clean i

24. Queen of Pinups

25. Pearl Diving Suit

26. Lipstick Fail

27. Umbilical Cored

28. My Name is My Voice

29. The Nosebleed Shaman

30. The Pygmalion Roar

31. First Person Shooter

32. In Vitro Ex Vivo

33. Only Nine Times

34. Celeb Nude Pics

35. Jealous Lovers We

36. Volitional Reflorations

37. If i Was Your Girlfriend

38. Hot Pink Muscle Car

39. Meat Dress

40. Hollywood Sighs

41. Fear of Dolls

42. Skin Tight Soul

43. Sugar Spice Everything Nice

44. Nina Simone 3 a.m.

45. Germinal Velocity

46. Yoni Eye/Oni Mask

47. Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

48. Tiger Beat

49. Hospital Gown

50. Fur Musk Til Dew

51. Die Before You Die

52. Bubblegum Pop

53. Free Kittens

54. Pink is the New

55. Four Horsemen Cocktail

56. Slugs Snails Puppy Dog Tails

57. Gothic Tea Cup

58. Lollipops & Lobotomies

59. Gesamtkunstwerk

60. The Safest Place

61. Danielle Steel Hardcover

62. Magnetismus Animalis

63. Mailer Daemon Possession

64. Drank the Kool Aid

65. Unkissable Lips

66. The Hells have “I”s

67. Love at Last Sight

68. Sugar Walls

69. Rumi on Fire

70. Pregnancy Test

71. Woman is Not a Flower

72. Kill the Unicorn

73. Super Cutey

74. Alien Hymn


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