***Exile l’Extase

arise arise the fish that flies the phoenix dies a peacock without eyes the angels seraphic undancing on head of a pin the devils know my name the places i crash planets blush i learned how to burn the bush is whet i fell prostrate i plant my face in golden laps candleskinny dipped in hives of ash midnight steeped in leeches heal sweet kisses smiles lips cut hell deep diamonds damsels dragons shed the locks the scales the gates the pillars quake babylon i whored them hips they shake fruit from hourglass sands quick stars explode inside heavenly bodies hide seek who told you of nakedness the tree fig leaved us the animals plyed the skin trade truths spoke music roots tears of wine aged white pink to red the unicorn hunt captured killed to death yet the war is won enjoy rejoice trumpeted drumming lightning thundered stampeding tramples vultures tarantula molts heartbreaking cult of doves naked judged spying zion singing songs joyful worm fed soul anchors anvils hammered bones pales this bed of nails in your open mouth deepest south tongue tied hold tight the scream the sky the judas kite lyre slung down giants all promised earth dirt i want up like elijah like enoch arose thorns prick bright blood good horse drawn chariot wheels wings i prey like a serpent on thimbled spine walk kneel crawl edenless exile l’extase phantasy fear flight birds of birds & birds preaching to francis of assisi milk honey meat bread broken banquet of see worthy vessel dripping sipping we supped from holiest grail i dream the Holy Ghost will stir these waters cure me of blessed thorny spine forgiver of sins son of man lamb of G-d unhurried answers sleepless seamless dream lit prayers i have already have yet to pray i am slain repeat refrain freedom birds know my song oh lord my Lord the very source all glory seated mercy stand up stand up the footstool crushed thy kingdom has come,,, anon vox / notes for a poem 2017

***I Am Your Song by Vox Anon

zion song

I Am Your Song

i am your song

my own worst enemy

my only friend

the flesh

the devil & our enemies

coming of age atrocities

futurephiliacs phobicities

cruel is the new kind

the age of consequence

the age of consent why

to glut your hunger

to slake your thirst

old wine skin songs

like dew forms jewels

uncrowned tears

uncrying zion longs for us

orphaned widowed & poor

fresh on threshing floor

myrrful dirges perfume

air thick black tendrils

pouring souls over

skins strings fissures schisms

secret sins expose those who

thought the sun was god who

thought the universe revolved

around her ringfinger

dollhouses of old

dead as wood stone clay & gold

playthings we are

kingdom come not pawns

scent of your gift

bittersweet lavender

safflower & cinnamon

oil of lebanon

milk white sky

captive we crawl

sick whip burns

distillers of strong

proud flesh now shy

prostrate we fall

mirthful mockery

unclean mirror wisdom she

calls to us yet we heed

beds made of

scarlet crimson ruby

harlot darkness & shadows

by the rivers of babylon

bathed in blasphemy

break the fangs & teeth

broke the jaws & keys

now cured

the cursed & criminal

sovereign love

makes holy the impure

malcontent 6 senses void

incomplete joy

peace weep no more

food for worms

marrow warmth

comfort & mourn

good news for all roars

through & to all who will hear

nation tribe tongue

arise transcendent

phoenixes priests

the line of melchizedek

the lion of judah

opens hearts & skulls

rampant guardant

like tender scrolls

triumphant passant

royal blood

root of david

the few the narrow

the hated & the hatred

people of the risen king

not people of the cross

cowards killers boast

saints martyrs return home

they show us our faith yet

we fear not the 1st or 2nd death

we worship not persons pulpit or

church architecture

made by the hands of man

we hang our hearts & harps

contrite we bring gifts

broken we bring obedience

unbearable unmitigated joy is ours

rehearsing eternity

not in word but in song

in our weakness He is strong

bought ingrafted & kin

inheritors of new heaven new earth

we are preperfect instruments

below angels above insects

suffer well creatures

children of their creator

the flesh

the devil & our enemies

they think of us a toy

but the Lord has set us

above His highest joy


vox anon 2015


psalm 137: 1-6

***Your Dying Star” Vox Anon

Your Dying Star

Your Dying Star

i was born

your dying star

forever falling

angel to animal

atomic to adamic

shy as shy


mortified pride all

binary & sick pretty

blinks flinches squints

shadows long laughing

fanged & clawed

star crossed we pray

tangled hunter prey

one fine day you

will not recognize

what i have become

what i always was

your pet is a beast uncute

your imagination uncut

teeth everywhere

unstoppable & sublime

banquet feast of famine

black on the inside

scribbled histories

sanctified heresies

tragedian librarian

i like your candy

i like your meat

awoken & beauteous

her hair wilderness

flora fauna find us

starry eyes blind us

snowflakes to sparks

pinkest to darkest

drink me eat me

yummy you grin

kissing fire mouthing fur

constellations void not chaos

take comfort lovers sisters mothers

if you never know love know this

if you ever hate love know this

i was born you say

your dying star

ascending 33 vertebrae

plucking pulsating 24 ribs

where it starts

i do not want to stop

do not fight it

music meathooks

hesitation marks

your hand in mine

unchained unbreakable

our heart of hearts

skyline floods from

embryonic glance

save the next dance

first time like

never before like

insects extractions

indulgences fulcrums

beholders blinded

speed of light like

blurring metronome

blood melting clock

flutter shiver shock

pale shoulders wings

weaponless sprout

between book ends

that smile of yours

eclipsing pregnancies

i was dead

before reborn

peacocks phoenixes

ravens doves skinned

alive love notes

unfinished discontinuing

doll eyes slit spider egg sacs s

black holes crying wild

heaven hides blushing

down my face no redder wine

pours ever so

spectral & celestial

devouring spirals

life can not live here

death drive urges me on

come closer safe inside

a thousand angels

dancing on head of a pin

know why i am death

your dying star

two hearts

raw pristinity

shared naivete

what you see

in my eyes in the skies

is already dead i

was too young now

older than the color blue

outlive & dare

jump how high

jump how high

invite supernovae

induces nightmares

invokes wonder gone all

at twilight we know all

at twilight we love

more than acts

of G-d or war no

no one loves me no

one fine day you

will not recognize

what i had became

who i always was

Vox Anon 2014