***Nebuchadnezzar Wine

william blake nebuchadnezzar

Nebuchadnezzar Wine

sundays are mine not mine
trade insanity for pride forgo
reborn chosen unchosen
ungrateful no now
bathed in black milk
the not so petite death
washes & cleanses
dirts, sins, & candleskins
lockpicks plucked chastity belts
V shaped softer doves coo
iron clad hearts melts through
beats of blood heartless strung
drums hushed animal hides
tanned in shit piety
troubadours untravelling
no one is dancing tonight
strippers of unreal
worshipers corporeal
holiness lauded in
wild silence
love’s mercenaries
siege machines
fashioned & fastened chasten me
my charnel house burned to ground
turns all my lovers against me inside me
teeth, moleculars, & neurons
roots gnarled soil
virgin of the rocks
plainsong & sublime
make from my tears your wine
your window to my soul
break my heart change my tune
of flesh fruit to mercy truth defies
high minded faith inactioned
ears of ignorance peals of laughter
forest or cathedral squared
haloed hallowed accidental
dark penitential prided potential
hung & disemboweled
judas miscarried us out
unawakens to mortality
my elite machismo
worlds floating
weightlifter of
3 pounds of pink
matter fecal fetal femme fatale
be likesome the one no one is like
be softer supple to his will
the self you should kill & let win never
insects indigestible swarms
locusts wave without words
a murder of birds down
into the firmament i
make war paciferous wrists
kisses pass the lips
cuts the flower throats
cured & healing snake
invasive intoxicating
a pair of wings no
apocalyptical yes
four fresh horses fly
the thrush of praises spark
fears on pain’s frontiers
pleasure to suffer like
the earth fallen
a comedy of errors
faultlines & fractures
steeped in stupefaction
brilliance centering
disciplined grieving
mourn for zion trumpetless
undress in the white
blinding those naked
improving the nudity
drinked down mouths of babes
mastectomies concaves
those circles once fixated on
spiralling down
transcendent prolonging of
my stanzalessness
verticalled & bottled up sold
warmth medicinal gold
heat surgical precision sing
not the foreign songs
woon not the strange woman
no wine is better than the fruit
cry with those drinking the very
inheritance gasping for hair
ageless & dieing on the vine
you must age before youth
the womb will not return to you
the same the grave the name
once & forever wet
on your lips on fire
slippery whet glossy finishes
open flowers wedding everything
to the best blood ever shed
the only tears ever bled
white to wine eyes
bedrooming sigh
zion unsmalling
volcanic uncupped
phoenix onyx peacock black
bubbles for ashes undrunk but
dancing for the first time
angels on the head of a pin no
children in the summer no
sacred again the never changing
find me in the reaping
how many souls deep
cull me in the harvest
too many skulls heap
at the foot of the cross
neath this poem is a prayer i
fail i fell i blush she
white hot snow wakes me
from her here i
obsidian fingernailings
subterra subtited
painted film aches
a thousand william blakes
say there is nothing left
nothing left to understand
asking me to pour myself
undergroundings liturgal
convexing me to you
detoxing me to she i
am paralyzed today
sundays are yours
suffering mine
grateful spine
serpenting no
temptation reborn
DNA encoded
denial ended

Vox Anon 2014 unedit