Beware of G-d


G-d loves those He created in His image & those he seeks will be made his children. You landed on this site & i am after crashing killing a few hard drives full of art imagery & poems am on my way back with new content. Right this moment am moving into a new style & space to work in. bare with me. So i am working on some artworks, photogs, & collages for the summer with a few bad poems here & there. Keeping a dream diary & nightmare notebook to compose from in October. Currently am working on a short story entitled ” The Last Bogeyman” by Vox Anon with hopes to have a few handmade dolls to sell on ETSY supporting this creative exploit, stay tuned. derp Thanks! until then find me on facebook or google  the unicorn man see if ya find vox anon aka the unicorn man to connect,,,on several socia media….alas it is summer  you go be fun & creative! chow….