cash2Death of The Unicorn Man? DEATH OF PEACOCK RISE OF PHOENIX…Vox Anon Presents:The Unicorn Man 2018 / 10 YEARS COME 8/8/18 The Unicorn Man 2008 (216 poems + 3 ShortStories + 22 b/w digital collage images) OLDER/OTHER VERSIONS were test &/or review copies. folks put these up on Ebay & Amazon when i had sharpeed “NFS”= not for sale but// book reviewer once written more than q paragraph to magazine blog or biuannual

doud feel frr to get some scratch for a job done.








Price: $19.99   

Paperback: 362 pp  
Publisher: LULU
Rating: Teen/Mature  
Contents: 3 short stories
Verses: 216 poems/diary entries  
Images: +55 b/w digital collage
“Kirin” Japanese Unicorn cover Qayin & “Fairytale Hair”  TEST/Fail cover. 
The Hard Candy Trilogy:
*Pretty Scary 2009 (66 poems)
*Kissy Killy 2011 (66 poems)
*Super Cutey 2012 (66 poems)
*Non Plus Ultra 2015 (66 poems)
*Ex Libris was to be a Best Of NEW/RECENT work NOW the title of this collection
*Non Plus Ultra ><>><><><><><><>><><><><><><>>><><>
*Little Black Dress (24 Images)B/W Canvas/Book NEW*Hymns Four Her (4 short Stories/artwork) NEW
1. The Boy Hashshashin
2. The Unicorn Man (redux)
3. The Last Bogeyman
4. Hair Girl & Victorian Boy1. Fetish Figures – figures/dolls/totems/taboos Mixed Media/Super Sculpey. Etsy Store. Cafe Press.
Dolls/Toys/Idols/Totems/Taboos 3 5 7 inch figures.2. Secret Diary? – could be 4th in The Hard Candy Series.
Pretty Scary, Kissy Killy, Super Cutey, Secret Diary Recent/NEW poems 2013/14.3. Little Black Dress – DIGI/Collage color & B/W transparencies/copies @ KINKOS/Giclees. Collage on pages 11 by 17 ish or on Canvas.4. Ex Libris – Read/Remix/Ruin all poem in all my books…Audio/Tome.YouTube6. HYMNS Four Her – 1. The Boy Hashshashin 2. The Unicorn Man (redux) 3. The Last Bogeyman 4. Hair Girl & Victorian Boy.7. Designing For Sale -12 T-shirt Designs to SELL. Iconic/Anthemic/Heroic/Horror/Biblical etc. ETSY/Cafe Press.. 8. Original Tee Shirt Ddesigns
NON PLUS ULTRA – 66 new/recent poems. 2013-2015 poems/images
LITTLE BLACK DRESS – ultra supra collage. b/w & color. 24 images.
HYMNS FOUR HER – 4 short stories. Unfinished.
Audio Recordings & Readings by me of my work. Digital up/downloads.
Title: “Ex Libris”
Author: Vox Anon
Content: Recent/New 2015/16
Author: Vox Anon
Price: $9.99
Paperback: +/- 200 pages
Publisher: Lulu/Amazon
Poems: +/- 66 apx 33 lines each