Beware of G-d


G-d loves those He created in His image & those he seeks will be made his children. You landed on this site & i am after crashing killing a few hard drives full of art imagery & poems am on my way back with new content. Right this moment am moving into a new style & space to work in. bare with me. So i am working on some artworks, photogs, & collages for the summer with a few bad poems here & there. Keeping a dream diary & nightmare notebook to compose from in October. Currently am working on a short story entitled ” The Last Bogeyman” by Vox Anon with hopes to have a few handmade dolls to sell on ETSY supporting this creative exploit, stay tuned. derp Thanks! until then find me on facebook or google  the unicorn man see if ya find vox anon aka the unicorn man to connect,,,on several socia media….alas it is summer  you go be fun & creative! chow….



“Written poetry is worth reading once, and then should be destroyed. Let the dead poets make way for others.” Antonin Artaud p.s. OMG Not this time.

Poetry: Readers, Lovers, Hoarders,

Apryl & Alicia of Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House volcanic release followup volume of poetry collection to “IN THE COMPANY OF WOMAN” with “MEN IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN”. I am offering la petite review. KA BOOM! The book is monolithic, complex, & concave with depths of chiaroscuros & heights of glossolalia. Gender divides of Edenic proportions come together for this work of love. The poems will leave a mark on you like unwanted lipstick or wanted tattoo. Enjoy. I am quite sure thee lady creators/prime movers of this project will reveal all secrets of slaying dragons with pens for a living by the end of this collection. She wizardist, avant gardist, keepers of breakers of sweeter of this gender candy taboo. Geisha cover to die for! “MEN IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN”. Choirs of Angels will sing praise for this collection, ok that might not happen in fact maybe demons/devils might,; i kid.

This is the followup collection a volume two: &

Poetry not Tweets. Poetry is not Rap. Poetry is no Fortune Cookie. It is not l337. Poetry is a vital arcane & uniquely alive. In face, Poetry used to be one of the five fine arts along with painting, sculpture, architecture, & music. Today post modern & pop culture make time to rewrite history instead of respecting this true art form which is disaplyed over these two volumes composed by EAP. Tsk Tsk or No keep it alive,,,Urgent & unhurried i ask you to beg buy borrow steal this tall dark & “Men in the Company Of Women” today. Now. Forever. Twilight.

Please check out the XY brains behind the In the Company of Women books & […]. The beauties & the beholders await your reply.

THANKS in advance for your support.

Vox Anon aka The Unicorn Man aka Hello Killy

5.0 out of 5 stars

01/30/13 Men in the Company of Women VOLCANIC LAUNCH!\

launching january 30th for readers of all origins, persuasions, addons/substructions, & those flinching blinking squinting averting your eyes as to what might answer once in for all cupid to psyche/venus to mars/romeo of juliets in poetick form. 3 juicy poems of mine appear in this thick tome. Men in the Company of Woman from publishing house Edgar & Lenore’s avail @ amazon dot com jan 3oth. aka Vox Anon for over a decade says please buy it steal it inject it eat it burn it ban it asap,,,Enjoy Enlove Ensoul Vox Anon <3

MICOP: JANUARY 30th WE SPY THOSE WHO SPY Beauty in the form a of Woman.


Very Exited for This Book,,,Please share ny joy & check it out. talk about it. buy it. ty~

“Nod is Ney Princesses”, “Bow Chica Wow Wow”, and “Woman Is Not a Flower